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Great Lakes Childern's Dental | IV Sedation in Duluth


Hospital Dentistry


Hospital dentistry is available to young children who have extensive dental needs and are at a pre-cooperative age, or for children who have a mental or physical handicap, that precludes delivering dentistry in a clinic setting.  Surgeries are done at a day surgery center under general anesthesia that is monitored by a nurse anesthetist and supervising anesthesiologist.  All of the dental needs are addressed in one visit, which is often much easier on the child compared to multiple visits in the clinic.  This is sometimes the only way also to provide a safe environment to deliver dental care in an uncooperative child.  Children are in and out of the surgery center usually within 3-4 hours (this includes check-in, surgery time and recovery) and bounce back rather quickly with a little bit of ibuprofen for any post-op discomfort.

Duluth Dentist | IV Sedation. Rami Guirguis is a Duluth Dentist.